P90X3 Nutrition Guide – Complete Portion Plan Review

They say that Abs are made in the kitchen. In other words, if you are not taking the right kind of nutrition with any workout routine, you will not see the killer fitness results you had been hoping for.


Tony Horton understands the correlation of diet and exercise and implements the theory in his famous P90X workout series. So if you are starting with P90X, P90X2 or the latest P90X3 fitness phenomenon, majority of your success will initiate in the kitchen with the help of P90X Nutrition Guide.

As P90X3 workout is far from a trilogy, and is more accelerated, the diet plan will be a little different from the other two workouts. People are taking on P90X3 program for the first time and have numerous questions on how to stylize their diet plan according to the routines. Here I have brief reviewed P90X3 meal plan according to the need of your workout routines:

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P90X3 Nutrition Plan Complete Review:

P90x3 Nutrition GuideThe original P90X food guide extends through three phases and offers a great deal of nutrition information. The P90X3 Nutrition Plan, on the other hand, is  geared to help you save time. It is based on portion plan and is perfect for the person on the – for accelerated P90X3 results. What is even cooler in the P90X3 guide is that it is not just based on people who want to lose weight, but for those who want to develop some visible muscle mass!

As the P90X3 workout is recommended for everyone – beginners and athletes alike – the goal of the P90X3 nutrition plan would be about becoming an intuitive eater. It means that you will be listening to your body’s nutritional requirements that will help to boost energy and increase stamina.

Therefore, the P90X3 diet will focus more on the intake of carbs and fats to give you the energy you need to perform the workouts, instead of excessive protein enrichment.

How To Prepare the P90X3 Meals?

Although some people may not like the portion size plan (a shift from P90X2 macros tracking), but it is the best way to fit your nutrition in the busy schedules.

You can take on the “Energy Booster” P90X3 diet plan that is focused around mix of carbs, protein, and low amounts of fat, for the extra energy boost to take you workouts to the next level. Follow the meal plan, track your nutrition on the portion chart (included in the P90X3 workout kit), and simply check off the portions as you eat them.

If you are getting the P90X3 Challenge Pack, you also get Shakeology shake that fulfill your energy needs while offering you complete nutrition to augment P90X3 results.

Having said that, there is no hard and fast rule to P90X3 nutrition plan and you can always choose what is lacking from your diet, and that is ok. Whether that is proteins, carbs, or even micronutrients, just make sure that you are eating to enhance performance and to get your athlete on!

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